Breaking News: CSWJ Ad Supporting EFCA in NCR and America

CSWJ Ad Supporting EFCA » We are pleased to present to you a CSWJ ad on the Employee Free Choice Act that will appear this coming week in the National Catholic Reporter. Due to space limitations, we regret that we could not list every signer of the ad and we gave preference to those who hold positions in the academy. All signatories are, however, listed in the website EFCA statement. Feel free to distribute this ad as you wish. The same ad–with space adaptations–will appear in America magazine the second week of July. Also, please join us in one last lobby effort in Washington, D.C., July 21-22. For information contact Joe Fahey: 914.948.2993 This is the most important labor legislation since the passage of the National Relations Labor Act in 1935. Make history! Join us!