Letter from Professor Holland about union ‘bosses’

In your Miami Herald article of today (2009-09-03) for the “Local & State” section, the headline objecively announces “Business Leaders … ,” and your article objectively refers to these “business leaders” as “officials,” but then your article subjectively labels the leadership of the other side of the debate as “union bosses.” (Italics added.) I am sure you wish to be a professional journalist and that your professional intentions are noble. But, when viewed objectively, the malicious practice of reserving the disparaging label of “bosses” for societal leaders in the union sector represents not professional journalism but ideological propaganda. This malicious practice, so common in mainline US corporate journalism, is a long and unfortunate hold-over from the days of the Robber Barons. As a university professor of ethics, I maintain that such a disparaging practice in mainline US corporate journalism constitutes a vio lation of professional ethics by failing to maintain journalistic objectivity and by failing to show equal journalistic respect for all parties in both sides of an important public debate. Cordially, Joe Holland