32 CSWJ Members sign “On All of Our Shoulders: A Catholic Call to Protect the Endangered Common Good”

That’s right! Of the 150 or so distinguished signers of the statement, CSWJ was well represented.

Note: We write in support of this statement but it originated with a group of Catholic theologians who are concerned with the “social indifference” of the Tea Party libertarian movement. All of these scholars and ministers are also deeply concerned with the misrepresentation of Catholic Social Teaching that is espoused by a few think tank journalists and some politicians, including Paul Ryan, that results in an almost anti-governmental position on Catholic doctrine. Hence, while the statement is issued in the context of an election year, in fact the message is much deeper than that–and that is why CSWJ supports this statement. The drift away from the central role of government in achieving social justice is harmful not only to the people who could and must be helped by governmental assistance (subsidium) but to the very core of Catholic teaching on social justice and human dignity. We would have liked to see more reference to workers’ rights and to the central role that unions play in promoting social justice (as “intermediate associations”) but the central thrust of the statement–that the common good is “endangered” by libertarian thought–is well taken and to the point.

Here are the CSWJ members who signed “On All Our Shoulders”:
V. Miller, Clark, Fahey, A. Miller, O’Brien, Misner, Winright, Sniegocki, McCarraher, Pagnucco, Beisheim, Beyer, Skotnicki, Tilley, DeFina, Quigley, Deignan, Hullinger, Morris, Cornell, Massaro, Holland, Malloy, Petersik, Garcia, Orenic, Di Lalla, Decker, Trumpbour, McCartin, Dinter, and Jordan.

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