CSWJ Issues “Statement of Support for the Right to form Labor Unions to be included in the Civil Right Act”

Catholic Social Teaching holds that the right to join or form labor unions is based on the right of free association that is rooted in the natural law that flows from the divine law. In CST it is the task of public authorities to enshrine this right in “juridical systems.” Hence civil law should enhance and protect the right to form unions. This right is already a matter of law through the National Labor Relations Act (1935) but enforcement procedures are often so weak or misused that employers routinely violate workers’ rights. Richard D. Kahlenberg and Moshe Z. Marvit make a compelling case that the Civil Rights Act (1935) should be amended to include labor organizing as a civil right in order to strengthen and enhance the natural right to organize through greater enforcement regulations. (See their book, Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right (2012) The Century Foundation)

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