In the Field

Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice (CSWJ) engages in a number activities supporting the rights of workers. These include:

  • Publishing both scholarly and popular pieces on the rights of workers and the pursuit of the common good in Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Conducting research on conflicts between employers and employees at institutions that involve union organizing.
  • Issuing statements of support for workers who are treated unjustly, or who are forming, or who have joined unions.
  • Working with other organizations committed to worker’s rights.

NOTE: Concerning (3) statements may be issued (1) by the Steering Committee, or (2) by a signed statement of the members. All statements will be open to member review, comment, and vote before publication.


While CSWJ will function largely as an electronic network, periodic meetings will be held at the annual Social Ministry Gathering, at Interfaith Worker Justice, and at scholarly professional meetings. Funding will be sought to provide for special scholarly consultations.

Field Events

CSWJ also supports worker rights in the field by participating in peaceful demonstrations. Please use the list on the right to view pictures from recent events.