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Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice (CSWJ) is an international association of scholars that is committed to Catholic Social Teaching on workers’ rights. CSWJ was founded to proclaim the Catholic Church’s extremely welcoming attitude to unions in the workplace and to support workers in both Catholic and secular workplaces who seek to form unions.

CSWJ stands with workers the world over who pursue social justice through the natural right of free assciation that is rooted in the divine law. We support the following principles of Catholic Social Teaching concerning workers’ rights:


  • Labor unions are indispensible for the universal common good.
  • Unions are rooted in the right of free association.
  • Unions protect the right to fair wages and benefits.

  • Unions foster solidarity through participation and subsidarity.

  • Unions seek cooperative relations with employers.


You are cordially invited to join us in this important mission!
REQUIREMENTS: (1) You support Catholic doctrine on workers’ rights, (2) You possess the terminal degree, (3) You pledge to perform the corporal and spiritual Works of Mercy.

TO JOIN: send your (1) Name and terminal degree, (2) professional title and institutional affiliation (for identification purposes only), (3) telephone, (4) home address, and (5) email address to: Please add other information about your work so that we may get to know you! (There is no monetary requirement for membership; we’ll ask for funds when we need them.)

NOTE: Affiliate Members who do not possess the terminal degree are also welcome!